NBS College was established in honor of the beloved founder of National Book Store, Socorro Cancio-Ramos. Inspired by her passion to promote education and continuously fill the minds of our youth with knowledge and wisdom, the school was established to produce leaders and professionals who are not just ready, but leaders and professionals who are confidently competent to face the world.

The school occupies the 3rd and 4th floors of the National Book Store Building at the corner of Quezon Avenue and Scout Borromeo in Quezon City.


NBS College is the Philippine school of choice of aspiring leaders and professionals who have strong educational entrepreneurial background to uplift the Philippines and global society.


NBS College aims to create, with full support from highly esteemed and long-standing nationwide institution, National Book Store, an academic environment for students to transform them into responsible and productive citizens who will make a positive difference in society.



NBS College will be the source of inspiration, courage and strength for its stakeholders in order to promote holistic character growth and development of its students, faculty, support staff.


NBS College will uphold the highest ethical standards and instill in its community generosity of spirit, goodness and kindness.


NBS College commits to develop a strong sense of genuine service and support in our community within and beyond campus.


Classroom to Real-World Education

By combining academic principles and industry practices, we offer a closer-to-reality education with real-life simulations to help you become more globally competitive in the different areas of your professional life.

Practical & Hands-On Training 

Experience practical academic activities and hands-on mentorship from different industries’ leading experts who will provide you with invaluable insights of how the real world operates.

Challenging Academic Life 

With our challenging academic life, you will become adaptive, innovative and tech-savvy as early as freshman year. So once you leave the school premise, you are ready to face the real world.

National Book Store’s Legacy 

You will learn firsthand the winning formula that launched National Book Store as an entrepreneurial success story in the Philippines. The wisdom that you will learn can help you achieve and lead a successful life.